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We offer a full range of editorial and book publishing consulting services.

Copy Editing:

Editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style; checking for consistency of mechanics and internal consistency of facts; notifying designers of any unusual production requirements. May include Canadianizing; metrication; providing or changing system of citations; writing or editing captions and/or credit lines.

Production Editing:

Co-ordinating typesetting and design in the mock-up and assembly stages. May include actual mark-up, proofing, mock-up, page proofing. May also include locating, negotiating with and supervising designer, artists, typesetter, and printer and creating production schedule.

Developmental / Project Editing:

Co-ordinating and editing a project from proposal or rough manuscript to final manuscript, incorporating input from authors, consultants and reviewers.

Substantive or Structural Editing:

Clarifying and/or reorganizing a manuscript for content and structure. Changes may be suggested to or drafted for the author. Rewriting: Creating a new manuscript or parts of a manuscript on the basis of content and research supplied by an author. Consulting: Providing a variety of consulting services related to manuscript publishing, submission guidelines for various publishers, book cover design, page typesetting, book marketing and distribution. All of our services performed by experienced editors with decades of in-house editing and proofreading experience working at many leading publishing houses in Canada and USA.